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The Zero Hour was a 1973 - 74 radio broadcast hosted by Rod Serling. For the first half of the broadcast's 8 month run, episodes were broadcast in 5 parts, extending over the course of one week.
The Zero Hour featured well known actors and actresses each appearing in week-long episodes. Many of these actors/actresses were also known for working with Rod Serling on The Twilight Zone television series.
The second half of the series broadcast a new episode every day of the week, with the same actor/actress starring over the course of the week. The series was said to be a year in the making and premiered on Sep 3, 1973 on most stations. The Mutual Broadcasting System offered these shows to their member stations on a syndicated basis, allowing the programs to be aired during a time period that was convenient, and at a date that was suitable. For this reason in some areas the series did not begin until late Fall or early Winter of 1973.
Some of the many actors and actresses appearing in the 78 episodes of The Zero Hour were: Earl Holliman, Keenan Wynn, Bob Crane, William Shatner, Patty Duke, Richard Keil, John Astin, Lyle Waggoner, George Kennedy, Robert Reed, Richard Crenna, Mel Torme, Jackie Cooper, Dick Sargent, Ross Martin, Shelley Berman, Lee Meriwether, Joe Campanella, Peter Marshall, Joanne Worley, Ken Berry, etc., etc., etc.
Anyone interested in purchasing the entire Zero Hour radio series in mp3 format can do so below. The two CD-ROMS include all 78 episodes (minus two unavailable 20 minute episode segments). If interested, CLICK HERE or see the offer below.

Promotional Tape Pt 1
Promotional Tape Pt 2
Promotional Tape Pt 2
Radio Station Phone Calls
Press Conference Pt 1 - 11/01/73
Press Conference Pt 2 - 11/01/73
Press Conference Pt 3 - 11/01/73
Complete Closed Circuit News Presentation - 11/15/73
Announcer's Opening Introduction
Rod Serling's Opening Introduction - Episode One
Rod Serling's Opening Narration - Episode One
Rod Serling's Opening Episode Description - Episode One
13_closing1.wav 36k Rod Serling's Closing Narration - Episode One
14_annclos1.wav 48k Announcer's Closing Comments
15_annclos2.wav 70k Hugh Douglas - Zero Hour Closing
16_closing.wav 20k Episode Closing Comment - Rod Serling

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  All 78 episodes minus two 20 minute episode segments (128 broadcasts in all) in mp3 format
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1973 Mutual Radio Promotional Tape - Complete
11-01-1973 Closed Circuit Press Conference
11-15-1973 Closed Circuit News Presentation
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NOTE: These broadcasts have been researched and found to be in the Public Domain. The cd(s) are on high quality CD-R disks and are professionally labeled using glossy, full color labels. Again, It is our understanding that all material offered for sale is in the Public Domain. All recordings are sold for private listening enjoyment only. If you hold a legal copyright to anything offered here, please send supporting information and these broadcasts will be immediately discontinued.

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